War Is Boring Presents — ‘Your New Stealth Fighter Is Really, Really Awful’

Our first book volume explains what went wrong with the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter—and what that means for America


We just wrote a book about the F-35 stealth fighter, America’s biggest weapons program—and one of the most screwed-up. Forget the Russians and Chinese. The expensive, under-performing F-35 is the gravest threat to U.S. air power.

Your New Stealth Fighter Is Really, Really Awful collects all our best articles about the Joint Strike Fighter into a slim, 100-page volume and adds some nice photos. Think of it as a handy guide to how not to build a new warplane.

Your New Stealth Fighter Is Really, Really Awful, available from print-on-demand service Blurb, includes chapters by myself, Michael Peck, Dave Majumdar, Chip Dudderar and Robert Beckhusen.