The Worst Assault Rifle Accessory of All Time

The Mako tire-deflator is great after the apocalypse, horrible any other time

The Worst Assault Rifle Accessory of All Time The Worst Assault Rifle Accessory of All Time

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Gun companies make thousands of accessories to modify, personalize and enhance firearms. Many attachments—such as scopes, slings and extended magazines—are useful and even necessary.... The Worst Assault Rifle Accessory of All Time

Gun companies make thousands of accessories to modify, personalize and enhance firearms. Many attachments—such as scopes, slings and extended magazines—are useful and even necessary.

But there are other devices meant to modify weapons that are silly, ridiculous and even dangerous. One of the most useless—and expensive—of them all is the Mako tire-deflator.

For a mere $200 the dedicated warrior can screw this hunk of “hardened steel” to the flash hider of their AR-15, M-4 or M-16.

That’s a lot of money for a ridiculous hunk of metal. The makers of most crappy weapon attachments price their goods low, so no one chokes while buying a gag gift for a gun-nut friend.

Here’s a few examples. For a mere $22 an enthusiast can attach a lime green—described as zombie-colored—bayonet to their pistol. It’s for those moments when you need to stab and shoot at close range. Simply trap the walking dead on the end of the short knife, then unload the clip.

The now-defunct Website Gun Nutz once sold tiny plastic testicles to adorn your favorite firearm. “The number-one accessory that no respectable gun wants to be without,” the back of the package boasted.

As silly as these are, at least the manufacturers realized they were novelties. No serious urban weaponeer would strap lime-green or pink plastic trinkets to their gun. But Mako thinks more highly of its ridiculous faux-bayonet.

Just look at the price.

Finding a decent use for the Mako tire-deflator. Mark in Ark photos via

FAB Defense—an Israeli arms company—created the tire-deflator. According to the company’s Website it “[leads] in development and manufacture of the highest quality, cutting-edge tactical equipment and weapon accessories for the State of Israel’s military and police.”

They also created the “pentagon” magazine kit—which arrays five 10-round magazines in a star shape, allowing the industrious to circumvent laws banning large- and medium-size magazines.

The tire-deflator is ostensibly designed for use at checkpoints. It’s about as mission-specific a piece of equipment a gun company could create.

The deflator weighs about half a pound and sticks out a little more than seven inches. The syringe-style point “deflates tires in seconds,” and “will not interfere with shooting.”

In theory, when a suspect pulls up to a checkpoint in a car, an Israeli soldier standing guard could push the pointy deflator into a tire, deflating it quickly.

Mako’s spike deflates tires faster than a knife or a bayonet because of the syringe point. The syringe makes a hole, and the air shoots up through the accessory and out of holes along the device’s side. The idea is that air escapes faster from a hole than from a knife-made slit.

There are a few problems with the deflator.

As one Amazon commenter points out, the soldier using the spike has a decent chance of taking a rubber hole out of the tire and clogging the barrel of their gun. Which means they’d have to dig the hunk of tire out before the weapon is ready to fire.

If I’ve just deflated the tire of a suspect car at a checkpoint, the last thing I want to do is unclog my gun during an escalated detainment situation.

Another problem is the price. At $200 direct from Mako, $130 on Amazon and almost $90 at auction, the tire-deflator is far too expensive to be cost-effective. Bayonets start at $40 online. Worse, specialty items that strip out a tire’s valve stem or otherwise rapidly deflate a tire run as low as $10.

So the question is … who the hell would actually ever use one of these Mako tire deflators? Mark in Ark, a guy selling the item on, has a few ideas.

“Imagine yourself stalking the post-apocalyptic wastelands,” he writes. In order to survive the apocalypse, you need to intimidate bandits and raiders. The best way to do that is to set an example.

“Have you ever tried mounting a severed head on an AR-15? Not a simple thing to do! Fortunately you can now equip your rifle with the Mako tire-deflator spike and be prepared!”

Mark in Ark almost sold me on the Mako tire-deflator … almost.

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