The ‘Drone Survival Guide’ Is Super Fun

Perhaps way MORE fun than its creators intended

If you’re a terrorist or live next door to one and you’re worried about drone strikes, the new Drone Survival Guide might prove useful.

Available in several formats and languages, the guide details tactics for hiding from drones. “It is collected and translated as a form of civil initiative, not for profit and without government or commercial funding and/or support,” according to the organization that created the guide.

And if you’re not trying to hide from a drone strike but you are into robot aircraft as a hobby, you might find the image that accompanies the guide even more interesting.

Via ‘Drone Survival Guide’

The image features the silhouettes of the most famous and common Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in use today and in the near future around the world, from the smallest ones—including the easily hackable Parrot—to the gigantic Global Hawk.

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