The Best of War is Boring in May

This was your month at war

The Best of War is Boring in May The Best of War is Boring in May

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May marks War is Boring’s one-year anniversary at Medium. From our humble beginning as a volunteer blog seven years ago, we’ve grown into a... The Best of War is Boring in May

May marks War is Boring’s one-year anniversary at Medium. From our humble beginning as a volunteer blog seven years ago, we’ve grown into a team of more than a dozen professionals reaching in excess of one million viewers per month.

As the longtime editor, I’d like to thank my regular contributors Robert Beckhusen, Matthew Gault, Kyle Mizokami, Steve Weintz, Kevin Knodell, James Simpson, Michael Peck, Joe Trevithick, Peter Doerrie, Mitch Swenson, Zach Baddorf, Blue Delliquanti, Peter Vine, Dan Ward, David Cenciotti, Jassem Al Salami, Robert Farley, Thomas Newdick and Preach Jacobs—plus all of our many guest writers.

Ukraine and Sub-Saharan Africa dominated conflict news. Three months after annexing Ukraine’s strategic Crimean peninsula, Russian president Vladimir Putin apparently decided he could not, or should not, attempt further overt incursions.

Russian warships departed the Mediterranean amid a general hardening of NATO and Russian forces along their shared frontier. Kiev’s troops battled separatists in the country’s east while Russian hackers tried and failed to disrupt Ukraine’s elections.

But Europe is still tense. And while NATO has mobilized to defend its member states and allies, Moscow’s deployments have highlighted worrisome gaps in European defenses. When the Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov sailed near Dutch waters, The Netherlands lacked a single warship able to respond.

African maneuvers

The warring strongmen of South Sudan agreed to a ceasefire, promising a lull in the politically-motivated sectarian fighting that began in December and has claimed tens of thousands of lives.

Nigeria is deploying troops to attempt to rescue hundreds of schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram extremists. Mali lost half its territory to rebels … again.

After bringing to an end two decades of clan warfare, Somalia is tiptoeing into a new era—more secure, peaceful and politically functional but still threatened by the fast-evolving terror group Al Shabab.

Saudi Arabia and Iran kept waging their little cold war, striving to outboast each other with war games and arms bazaars. Tehran revealed all the secrets of the American stealth drone it captured three years ago.

China’s building a giant new cruiser.

Budget season in the U.S. continues to stoke controversy. The Air Force wants to retire its legendary—and fully paid-for—A-10 attack planes and replace them pricey, unproven F-35 stealth fighters. But veterans and Congress have other ideas.

Maybe June will see the outbreak of world peace, and we can shift entirely to writing about Civil War capers, secret Nazi armies, Soviet-era propaganda ploys and loony Cold War atomic tests. Thanks for reading!

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