Despair, Broken Bodies — The Real Cost of Trump’s Saudi Arms Deal
The first time Wael saw his reflection in the mirror, his world fell apart. “I didn’t look at my face for two years,” the 28-year-old from Yemen explains. “When I saw myself, I was destroyed. I completely lost myself.” Wael is one of the many Yemeni patients receiving treatment... Read more
Saudi Air Strikes Threaten Yemen’s Cultural Heritage
As Yemen’s civil war churns through its eighth month, Washington’s policy toward the small Arabian nation – once a critical ally – has become a contradictory mess. Despite criticism of Saudi Arabia’s bombing campaign from the United Nations, humanitarian organizations and the U.S. State Department, the Pentagon provides support from weapons to... Read more
Gulf Monarchies Love Mercenaries
In an attempt to bolster its ground operations in Yemen, the Saudi-led coalition has contracted 800 former Colombian soldiers as part of the fight for Aden against militant factions linked to Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and the Islamic State.  It is unclear which state contracted the fighters,... Read more
Drones Don’t Work Alone — U.S. Patrol Planes and Fighters Teamed Up With Robots Over East Africa
In November 2002, the U.S. Navy command ship USS Mount Whitney dropped anchor off the coast of Djibouti in the Horn of Africa. American troops set up shop at Camp Lemonnier, a then-bare-bones French outpost in Djibouti that, 13 years later, is the U.S. military’s main base for launching... Read more
The Destructive U.S.-Backed Campaign in Yemen
The killing earlier this week of at least 131 civilians at a wedding party was only the latest and deadliest event in a campaign of air strikes in Yemen by a foreign coalition led by Saudi Arabia. The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights reports that during a six-month... Read more
Egypt to WIB — Your Request for Military Secrets Is Denied
We here at War Is Boring are well aware of the power of the United States’ Freedom of Information Act. But despite FOIA being an American law, foreign governments can exercise an impressive amount of influence over the process. At the beginning of August, we went looking for official... Read more
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