Bad Guys Beware—The Navy’s Killer Drone Is About to Get a Lot More Dangerous
The U.S. Navy has tweaked the specifications of its new robotic warplane, newly stressing its ability evade enemy radars and refuel in mid-air. The result will be a much deadlier killer drone—and one that over time, with upgrades, could grow even more dangerous to America’s enemies. It almost didn’t... Read more
Killer Drone Testing Aboard Navy Flattop ‘a Big Science Project’
Pratt & Whitney turbofan whining, tires slamming on the steel deck in puffs of white smoke, the X-47B killer drone prototype arrived on the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt on Nov. 9. Over the next several days the kite-shaped X-47B launched, landed and taxied in increasingly complex wind conditions,... Read more
The Navy’s Killer Drone Totally Has a Mind of Its Own
A new era in aviation dawned when the U.S. Navy’s X-47B Unmanned Combat Air System armed drone demonstrator completed its first-ever arrested landing aboard the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush off the Virginia coast Wednesday. After completing a second autonomous arrested landing on the nuclear-powered carrier, the 60-foot-wingspan... Read more
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