Could the United States Have Really Won the Vietnam War?
Mark Moyar, the scholar of U.S. foreign and military policy, recently had the opportunity to update an older argument on the viability of the Vietnam War. Moyar argues that the historical consensus on the war is wrong on several points, and that in fact the United States could have... Read more
Everything You Know About the Vietnam War Resistance Is Wrong
My father had a low draft number and always told me he couldn’t see himself trudging through the jungle with a machete. It was the early ’70s and Vietnam would be over soon, but young Americans were still dying in Southeast Asia. So dad joined the Navy and served... Read more
The U.S. Navy Studied How to Turn Fiberglass Into a Ghastly Weapon
American fighter bombers fly over across South Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia dropping bombs filled with tiny fiberglass shards. A few hours later, Viet Cong insurgents — and anyone else unfortunate enough to move into the contaminated areas — begin to develop maddening itches and painful sores. Some go blind from... Read more
The U.S. Navy’s ‘Douche Boat’ Washed Away Viet Cong Bunkers
In the early morning hours of June 10, 1969, U.S. Navy vessels sailed down a stretch of the Vam Co Dong River in South Vietnam. The force included a special weapon sailors called a “douche boat,” which could literally wash away Viet Cong fortifications. “My assigned mission was to... Read more
Slaying the Dragon
We see it every day – video of a “precision” aerial attack on some terror or insurgent group. The ability to put crosshairs on a target and make it disappear has become synonymous with modern warfare. But this technology is not new. The laser-guided bomb — the grandfather of... Read more
The Sad Symbolism of Captured U.S. Military Hardware
Like the Iraqi army before the collapse of Mosul in June 2014, the South Vietnamese army before the fall of Saigon looked good … really good. On paper. The quantity of manpower — hundreds of thousands of men under arms in each case — and the quality of equipment... Read more
John Browning’s Automatic Rifle Is a Killing Machine
World War I is often called “the machine gun war” because of the devastating use of automatic weapons such as the Maxim gun. It’s also when some of the drastic developments in machine gun technology occurred. Artillery fire actually killed more men than machine guns, but statistics simply don’t convey... Read more

Paul Richard Huard

Contributing Writer

Military historian, free-lance journalist, and contributor to War Is Boring. Areas of expertise: American military history, the Cold War, Russia and the Soviet Union, military small arms.

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