The Veteran and His Hawk
“Stubborn sumbitch,” Jayson Legg says with a chuckle as he looks up into the tree. Legg is a falconer, and his red-tailed hawk Flaps is ignoring his commands. The raptor looks down at Legg with utter disinterest as Legg tries to hail him with a whistle. It’s Feb. 2o... Read more
When Veterans Declared War on the Police
The armed men assaulted the government building early in the evening. Many brought guns home from the war, others carried weapons looted from a National Guard armory hours earlier. The men demanded the officials turn the building over to them. The officials refused and gunfire lit up the night. Shotgun blasts... Read more
America Is Still at War, Americans Barely Notice
“Thank you for your service” is a phrase that’s going to get tossed around a lot today. That’s because America loves to recognize its veterans. Veterans are a staple of heartwarming commercials and sports events. Sports and patriotism in particular seem to go hand-in-hand. But recently it came to... Read more

Kevin Knodell

Contributing Editor

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