La ametralladora DP se ve rara, pero derramó mucha sangre
Desde 1928 se ha podido ver en los campos de batalla de todo el mundo un arma de la era soviética muy curiosa que confirma la veracidad del antiguo dicho “las apariencias engañan.” Una vez se la apodó “el fonógrafo de Stalin” y la melodía que toca es el... Read more
The DP Machine Gun Looks Funny, But Spilled a Lot of Blood
Since 1928, the battlefields of the world have seen an oddball Soviet-era weapon that proves the truth of the old saying, “Looks aren’t everything.” Its nickname was once “Stalin’s phonograph” — and the staccato tune it plays is the sound of automatic fire. Used by the Russians to gun down... Read more

Paul Richard Huard

Contributing Writer

Military historian, free-lance journalist, and contributor to War Is Boring. Areas of expertise: American military history, the Cold War, Russia and the Soviet Union, military small arms.

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