Take Another Look at This Incredibly Detailed Soviet Map of Washington, D.C.
This story originally appeared on Aug. 21, 2016. This detailed map of Washington, D.C. was compiled by a secret Soviet map-making program during the Cold War. Wired published an amazing 6,000-word article on the topic, which you should read in full here. “The maps were part of one of the... Read more
In 1970, Soviet Planes Intervened to Save North Yemen
September 2017 marks the second anniversary of the Russian military intervention in Syria. Foreign military observers are frequently drawing parallels between this operation and the deployment of Soviet air-defense troops and manned interceptors to Egypt in early 1970, pointing it out as the first Soviet – and thus Russian... Read more
The Soviet Union’s Crazy ‘Planet of the Apes’
This story originally appeared on July 6, 2014. Back in 2005, the Scottish daily newspaper The Scotsman ran a sensational story about a bunch of bizarre and ethically troubled Soviet experiments involving breeding humans with non-human apes. The story had the makings of a great horror movie—a Soviet mad... Read more
The ‘Alfa’ Attack Submarine Was Ahead of Its Time
The Soviet Union began the Cold War well behind the United States in submarine technology. Although the Soviets acquired several of the most advanced German submarine types towards the end of the war, the United States had amassed a wealth of experience in submarine and antisubmarine practice from the... Read more
Soviet Cosmonauts Carried a Shotgun Into Space
This story originally appeared on Feb 3, 2015. To this day, the Russian Federal Space Agency refuses to talk about the weapon—though it’s an open secret. Astronauts heading to the International Space Station have trained with it, and some have even talked about it. And in case there’s any... Read more
Underwater Firearms Are a Thing, and Russia Is Really Into Them
This story originally appeared on Feb. 13, 2016. The Soviet Union began developing underwater guns nearly 50 years ago. The idea — to arm commando frogmen and other combat divers for underwater engagements, however rare and unlikely these subsurface firefights might actually be. In the late 1960s, Moscow enlisted... Read more
The Soviets Got an American F-5 Fighter From Vietnam
It’s no secret that the United States has flown captured — or otherwise acquired — Soviet and Russian aircraft for test, evaluation and training. The Soviet Union returned the favor. The RT video below contains some quite famous footage of a U.S.-made Northrop F-5 Freedom Fighter — formerly stationed... Read more
The Mosin-Nagant ‘PU Sniper’ Was the King of 20th-Century Sniper Rifles
The Soviet government often exaggerated tales of its front-line snipers for propaganda purposes. The sniper duel between famed Soviet sniper Vasily Zaitsev and “Major Konig” was probably myth, although Zaitsev was unquestionably a remarkable soldier. Such myths are a weapon in a fight for national survival, and a tool... Read more
A Soviet Film Predicted Our Robot Apocalypse—In 1977
Forty years ago, Soviet Union produced a breakthrough short animation film that anticipated many of the most heated debates our military, policy and scientific establishments are having today. Polygon begins on a remote ocean island, where a military crew is finishing preparations for what looks like a firing range — cutting... Read more
Las armas de fuego subacuáticas son una cosa, y Rusia está de verdad en ello
La Unión Soviética empezó a desarrollar armas subacuáticas hace casi 50 años. La idea era dotar a los hombres rana de los comandos y a otros buceadores de combate de un arma adecuada para un enfrentamiento bajo el agua, ya que aunque tales enfrentamientos subacuáticos resultasen muy raros y... Read more

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