What Does the Phrase ‘Boots on the Ground’ Really Mean?
“Boots on the ground” is one of those phrases that’s misused the more often it’s repeated. Politicians, generals, journalists. It means very different things depending on who’s saying it to the point of losing all clarity and coherency. The White House is insistent it’s not putting boots on the... Read more
Even More Iraqi and Syrian Civilians May Have Died in U.S. Air Strikes
The United States has carried out thousands of air strikes in Iraq and Syria, and doesn’t know how many civilians have died in them. But now we’ve learned that the U.S. military’s top headquarters for the region is still investigating nearly two dozen incidents. Earlier in August, War Is Boring obtained an official... Read more
The Pentagon Doesn’t Know How Many Civilians It Has Killed in Iraq and Syria
The Pentagon has looked into hundreds of possible civilian casualties from the bombing campaign in Iraq and Syria. But Washington is having trouble keeping track of everything — including its own allies. Since August 2014, the American-led coalition has lobbed nearly 14,000 bombs and missiles in thousands of individual... Read more
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