The War on Terror’s ‘Unholy Trinity’ Is Poised for a Resurrection
When George W. Bush and Dick Cheney launched their forever wars—under the banner of a “Global War on Terror”—they unleashed an unholy trinity of tactics. Torture, rendition and indefinite detention became the order of the day. After a partial suspension of these policies in the Obama years, they now... Read more
Torture, Hunger and Anti-Semitism in the Falklands War
Argentine officers tortured scores of their own soldiers during the Falklands War, documents from the Argentine armed forces reveal. Starving and freezing, men sworn to fight for their nation’s territory, as they believed it to be, were physically and psychologically abused by their own superiors when they left searching... Read more
The CIA Asks America to Please, Think of the Torturer
Late last year, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence dropped a redacted 525-page version of its 6,000-page report on the CIA’s torture program. The press, including War Is Boring, spent the next month dissecting and digesting the work. Many Americans knew the CIA had done horrible things to people in... Read more

Matthew Gault

Contributing Editor

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