U.S. Warships Fall Behind in the Missile Race
The U.S. Navy’s strategy desperately requires a new ship-launched anti-ship missile as enemy surface warships greatly “out stick” American warships. But as a stopgap solution, the Navy could modify the trusty Tomahawk cruise missile for anti-ship work. Since the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the... Read more
New Ship-Killing Missiles Are Making the U.S. Navy More Dangerous
The U.S. Navy has begun testing a new, radar-evading, air-launched anti-ship missile — a big step forward in the sailing branch’s march toward a more lethal fleet. In the next few years, the Navy could add three new ship-killing weapons to its warplanes and surface ships, augmenting existing Harpoon... Read more
U.S. Troops Can Now Call in Tomahawk Cruise Missiles for Close Air Support
The U.S. military received its first Tomahawk cruise missile in 1983. And now 32 years later, American troops are still teaching the far-flying smart munition new tricks. In a test on Jan. 29, a team of U.S. Marines called in an upgraded Tomahawk, called a “Block IV,” to quickly... Read more
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