Wiretap Law Complicates Philippine Drug War
Wiretapping is a central tactic for law enforcement officers pursuing drug dealers and traffickers. In 2016 alone, various U.S. law enforcement agencies were authorized to use wiretaps 3,168 times. 82 percent of these wiretaps were authorized for investigations involving narcotics—a trend that has largely held since 2006. In total,... Read more
Philippine OV-10s Bomb ISIS
Philippine air force OV-10 Bronco light-attack planes have bombed Maute and Abu Sayyaf insurgents – all associated with Islamic State — in the city of Marawi. The militants seized the city in May 2017. On May 23, Philippine special operations units launched a house-to-house operation to liberate the city.... Read more
The Philippines’ Duterte Is Caught Between Islamist Terrorists and Angry Maoists
Word that Islamic State-aligned militants took over the Philippine city of Marawi shocked the world on May 23, 2017. Philippine officials labeled the attack an “invasion” by the Syria-based terrorist group and responded by declaring martial law across the entire island of Mindanao, the second largest in the archipelago country and... Read more
The Golden Eagle Is The Philippines’s New Big Stick Against Insurgents
Around midnight on Jan. 25, 2017, residents near the town of Lanao Del Sur on the Philippine island of Mindanao abruptly heard a series of explosion accompanied by the sound of roaring jet engines. The attack had been led by two of the Philippine Air Force’s newly-acquired FA-50 Golden... Read more
The Bloodstained Rise of Global Populism
In 2016, something extraordinary happened in the politics of diverse countries around the world. With surprising speed and simultaneity, a new generation of populist leaders emerged from the margins of nominally democratic nations to win power.  In doing so, they gave voice, often in virulent fashion, to public concerns... Read more
Richard Sakakida Spied on the Imperial Japanese Right Under Their Noses
It was 1942, not long after the fall of the American stronghold of Corregidor that guarded Manila Bay in The Philippines. U.S. Army Sgt. Richard Sakakida was in the hands of the dreaded Kempeitai, the Imperial Japanese military police. Sakakida was an undercover agent of the Corps of Intelligence... Read more
Sad and Hopeful Tales of Extinct Air Forces
Air power is tough. All the world’s air forces work hard to maintain old warplanes and acquire expensive new ones and still fund adequate training—all in the context of national strategy and air power doctrine that can be complex, confusing, even self-defeating. So it should come as no surprise... Read more
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