Three Armies Still Upgrading Their Cold War-Vintage M-60 Tanks
The M-60 “Patton” tank is one of the most iconic tanks of the Cold War. While it did not see use in the Vietnam War, it saw extensive use by Israel and Iran in the various hot wars of the 20th century, and comprised the vast bulk of the... Read more
The Thai Army Still Loves the Successor to the Kübelwagen
On Jan. 18, 2018, the Royal Thai Army paraded in Bangkok as part of the annual Royal Army Day. The event featured many examples of Thailand’s military hardware including tanks, artillery, anti-aircraft missile launchers and armored fighting vehicles. Riding along in the parade were odd-looking, low-profile jeeps transporting senior... Read more
Shootings Escalate in Trigger-Happy Thailand
On the afternoon of July 11, 2017, six or seven gunmen dressed in military outfits arrived at the home of a village chief in the subdistrict of Ban Klang, in Thailand’s Krabi province. Pretending to be government officials, they demanded entry to search the property and warned the chief’s... Read more
America Is Slowly Losing Thailand as an Ally
The 2016 edition of the U.S.-Thai Cobra Gold exercise kicked off on Feb. 9. Conducted annually since 1982, the 10-day war game is supposed to underscore — and strengthen — the longstanding alliance between Washington and Bangkok. But that alliance is fraying … and Cobra Gold is withering as... Read more
The Thai Army Thought I Was a Terrorist
The Thai government rarely opposes researchers studying the conflict in the country’s violent south. My friends Don Pathan, a freelance journalist, and Duncan McCargo, a professor at the University of Leeds, reported no problems traveling there despite the raging insurgency that has claimed thousands of casualties. Michael K. Jerryston,... Read more
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