Attack Copters Wipe Out Chinese Tanks in Simulated Battle
Recently, a Chinese tank company with the Nanjing Military Region went on the attack. The mission — punch through an enemy defense, press forward and eliminate any resistance along the way. This was, of course, an exercise. And the exercise was going well. The armored beasts busted through their objective... Read more
Morocco Buys Abrams Tanks, Russia Makes Veiled Threats
Morocco is about to become the world’s newest owner of America’s main battle tank, the M-1 Abrams. And Russia used the sale as an excuse to brag about its missiles … and make a veiled threat. In 2012, the U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency announced plans to sell 200... Read more
The T-80 Is Russia’s Most Overrated Tank
The T-80 is a glaring lesson in why heavily-armored tanks can hide major weaknesses. Once considered a premium tank by the Russian military establishment, T-80s suffered savage losses to lightly armed guerrillas during the First Chechen War. The tank’s reputation never recovered. It wasn’t supposed to be this way.... Read more

S.K. Au-Yeong

Follower of various science fiction and modern warfare topics like small arms, armor, air power and Middle Eastern conflict.

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