Cómo podrían acabar con Supermán los militares estadounidenses
La última aportación de Hollywood a las décadas de rivalidad entre Batman y Supermán puede que sea un desastre, pero plantea una pregunta importante. ¿Cómo podría derrotar la humanidad a un semi-dios aparentemente invulnerable? Para encontrar respuesta a esa pregunta me puse en contacto con un destacado científico militar... Read more
How the U.S. Military Could Kill Superman
Hollywood’s latest take on the decades-old rivalry between Batman and Superman may be a dud, but it does raise an important question. How could humanity take down a seemingly invulnerable demi-god? I reached out to a noted U.S. military scientist and weapons-designer who once helped us devise a strategy... Read more
‘Batman v Superman’ Is Really Just Fascism v Jesus
Playboy billionaire Bruce Wayne sulks in the batcave watching footage of Superman. He thinks the alien is a threat and he wants to do something about it. Alfred, his butler and constant companion, urges caution. “This is how the fever starts,” he says. “That feeling of powerlessness that turns... Read more
Superman and the Military Are Best Frenemies
In 2013’s blockbuster Man of Steel, Superman proudly fights alongside the U.S. Army and Air Force against the marauding forces of General Zod. But Superman has not always been so cozy with the military. The Last Son of Krypton started out demolishing slums in the name of social justice,... Read more

Matthew Gault

Contributing Editor

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