Walk For Weeks, Cross the River and Wait … as Government Planes Watch Overhead
More than a million refugees have fled to Uganda to escape the grinding civil war pitting the majority Dinka against the minority Nuer in South Sudan. Photographer Rita Kabalan visited a refugee community in June 2017. At top — a South Sudanese refugee waits for a bus at the... Read more
In South Sudan, Thousands Rely on Fragile Protection Camps for Survival
In a refugee camp in South Sudan’s capital Jub, Jikany Kuol  awaits the rain in a tiny shack cobbled together with pieces of corrugated iron and U.N. tarp. “Our people are fed up with fighting,” he laments as the Chinese soldiers guarding the camp look on despondently. “The people... Read more
Peacekeepers Failed to Stop a Horrific Assault on Aid Workers in South Sudan
South Sudan was supposed to continue implementing its peace accord in early July, but starting on July 7, government and opposition forces clashed in the capital Juba, continuing a civil war that started in 2013. Now the Associated Press has published the harrowing account of a July 11 attack on... Read more
Stranded in Enemy Territory, a Rebel Splinter Faction Got Stuck
This is part two of a three-part series. Read part one. At first glance, the Sudanese People’s Liberation Movement/Army-North presents a positive alternative to Sudan’s ruling regime. The rebel group champions an ideology known as “New Sudan,” which envisions a united country built on democracy and equality, in contrast to Khartoum’s... Read more
These Are the Wars That Will Rage in Africa in 2016
With the exception of Syria, African countries currently get the worst rep when it comes to violence and conflict. Virtually every story coming out of the continent seems to showcase one atrocity or another. This narrative is both true and false. In 2014, Africa experienced more than half of... Read more

Peter Dörrie

Africa Correspondent

Journalist specialising in security politics on the African continent.

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