For South Africa’s Wartime Censors, ‘The Stick’ Was Too Dangerous to Release
Between 1966 and 1990, South Africa fought a brutal, bloody war along its northern border. In 1988, South African writer-director Darrell Roodt released his movie The Stick. The government promptly banned it. The Stick is a horror film about South African soldiers fighting a pointless war far from home.... Read more
The Cheetah Was South Africa’s ‘Good Enough’ Fighter
Draken International, a Florida-based company which bills itself as the world’s largest private air force, will buy 12 Atlas Cheetah jet fighters from the South African arms company Denel. The addition of the Cheetah will add another warplane type to Draken’s inventory, and could soon see action in mock... Read more
How South Africa Voluntarily Gave Up Its Nuclear Weapons
The Republic of South Africa is the only country in the world to build a nuclear weapons program, then unbuild that program after domestic and international conditions changed. Why did South Africa decide to build nukes, how did it build them and why did it decide to give them... Read more
In Africa, Cheap and Deadly Rocket Launchers Find a Niche
The Multiple Launch Rocket System, or MLRS, is a staple of African arsenals. Its availability, ease-of-use, and low price tag have resulted in widespread proliferation throughout the continent. Tactically, the MLRS has several advantages, performing practical yet rudimentary battlefield support roles. Unlike “tube” artillery, an MLRS can fire as fast as one... Read more
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