Angry Old Man Yells at Generals About Goats
Top U.S. military brass convened on Capitol Hill on March 16 to sit before the House Armed Services Committee. The assorted generals, admirals and secretaries were there to testify about the Fiscal Year 2017 defense budget. The testimony went on for three hours and covered a broad range of... Read more
Afghanistan’s Militia-Turned-Cops Are Huge Jerks
The poor performance of militiamen-turned-cops from the Afghan Local Police was a major factor in the fall of Kunduz in September. Now a top Washington watchdog is questioning the ALP’s overall effectiveness. On Oct. 26, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction released an audit of the rural police... Read more
This Is How America Screwed Up Afghanistan’s Reconstruction
The U.S. reconstruction of Afghanistan was one of the worst foreign policy failures in American history. Taxpayers have wasted billions on roads that don’t work, buildings that don’t exist and weapons Afghan soldiers don’t know how to use. The damage is done, the cash spent and money pocketed. All that’s left... Read more

Matthew Gault

Contributing Editor

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