Testing Satellites … by Nuking Them
Here’s the challenge. You want to make sure your military satellite is tough enough to withstand the radiation from a nuclear blast. Here’s the problem. You can’t just put the sat in orbit and nuke it. That’s illegal and dangerous. Plus, you’ll need to study the spacecraft after the... Read more
Revealed — the Pentagon’s Scheme for a Spy Outpost in Space
Early in the space race, the Pentagon developed plans for a manned spy outpost in space. However, the Vietnam War, sending Americans to the moon and better camera technology killed the project before it could ever leave the atmosphere. In 1962, the top-secret National Reconnaissance Office and the U.S.... Read more
U.S. Army Lobs a Bunch of Tiny Satellites Into Orbit
Military satellites used to come in one flavor — big, expensive and long-lived. As in, billion-dollar spacecraft the size of school buses remaining in orbit a decade or more. But that’s changing. More and more, spacefaring armed forces are switching to tiny, shoebox-size “nanosatellites” or “cubesats” — named for... Read more
Secret Russian Satellite Could Have Collided With Another Object
Cosmos-2491, -2499 and -2504 are three very strange Russian satellites. They dance. They change orbits. They get close to their leftover booster rockets and then move away again. In April, one may have collided with another object. But if so, the impact was soft enough to not cause any damage.... Read more

Robert Beckhusen

Managing Editor

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