The Royal Air Force’s Bomber-Killing Bomber Was Just a Dream
In 1976, the British Royal Air Force had a problem. In the event of war, Soviet Backfire bombers flying from Europe could have devastated resupply convoys sailing from the United States to Europe. The RAF needed a warplane with enough range to patrol the vast Atlantic — and enough... Read more
Royal Air Force Scrambles to Intercept Russian Bombers
On Feb. 17, two Russian air force Tu-160 Blackjack strategic bombers flew toward the United Kingdom — and Royal Air Force Typhoon fighters launched to intercept. “At no point did the Russian aircraft enter U.K. territorial air space,” the Defense Ministry stated. Royal Air Force photos Russia has revitalized... Read more
Can You Tell What’s Happening in This U.K. Drone Kill Footage?
Like the United States, the United Kingdom is using armed drones to strike terrorists in Syria and Iraq. But new video footage suggests the British military is dealing with the same problems its American cousins already face with remotely-controlled strikes. Namely that it’s very hard to make out what’s happening. On Sept. 7,... Read more
British Air Power Is Fading Away
The U.K. Ministry of Defense has released an accounting of all the aircraft in Royal Air Force, Royal Navy and British Army service — and the overall tally is tiny … and getting tinier. As of March this year, the air forces of the United Kingdom possess no more than... Read more
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