Burma’s Slaughter of the Rohingya Follows a Bloody Pattern
On Oct. 9, 2016 around 400 Rohingya Muslims from an insurgent movement known as Harakan Al Yaqin simultaneous attacked three Burmese Border Guard Police headquarters in Rakhine state. The HaY, which later changed its name to the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army, or ARSA, was poorly armed. Only around 30... Read more
Myanmar Has Forced Thousands of Rohingya Into a Virtual Prison
This story originally appeared on Feb. 6, 2016. Myanmar’s Kaladan River widens as my ship nears the great Bay of Bengal, the horizons reaching out in every direction while seabirds swoop to snatch bread thrown by the passengers. I embarked on New Year’s Day 2016 from the medieval town... Read more
In Myanmar, Rohingya Refugees Imprisoned Then Dumped Far From Home
The Rohingya inhabiting Thet Key Pyin Camp outside Sittwe, capital of Myanmar’s westernmost state, never planned to live there. For several months in 2012, a wave of sectarian violence expelled thousands from their homes in Sittwe’s city center. Today, many Rohingya — a Muslim minority — live in segregated squatter... Read more
I Got Smuggled Into a Rohingya Refugee Camp
The Myanmarese government hopes to prevent the international community from confronting the humanitarian crises of the Rohingya, Myanmar’s most-persecuted Muslim minority. How? By blocking most foreigners from entering concentration, internment and refugee camps in the center of Rakhine State and Rohingya-majority cities in the north. As the country becomes... Read more
Myanmar’s Most Persecuted Minority Isn’t Fighting Back
I checked the straps on my boots. The water on the flooded dirt road reached my ankles, so the boots would help little. Several Rohingya drove by on motorbikes and walked by with cattle, looking at me as though they doubted that I were real. Dozens of journalists had... Read more
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