Chinese Robo-Boats Swarm the South China Sea
A video from late May 2018 shows a swarm of 56 small, unmanned boats operating in the South China Sea. While a rudimentary demonstration, it mirrors similar exercises performed by U.S. Navy boats practicing — semi-autonomously — to defend harbors and intercept incoming vessels. The Chinese robo-boats do not... Read more
It’s Going to Be Okay
This short story originally appeared at Vice. None of our robots have faces, per se, but it’s not hard to tell how they feel. Body language. Today the medics dragged in one of their own—one of the medical battalion Bears. You know the Bears. Big ol’ things. Fat torso.... Read more
Roboticist: We’re Eight Years From a Human-Like Machine
Dr. Ben Davis is a nuclear physicist and robot-designer. He said humanity is on the cusp of creating artificial intelligence rivaling the powers of the human brain. “Expect major advances in the next five years, paving the way for sophisticated autonomous robots by 2023.” Davis spoke at the Dragon... Read more
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