Trauma Inflicted on Child Refugees Threatens the Planet’s Future
“This is a war against normal life.” So said CNN correspondent Clarissa Ward, describing the situation at this moment in Syria, as well as in other parts of the Middle East. It was one of those remarks that should wake you up to the fact that the regions the... Read more
Syria’s Invisible Urban Refugees
Suleiman Fais recalled the moment he had to flee Syria for his life. “The shells were falling near me. Then shells started to fall on buildings all around us,” he said. “A bulldozer came and demolished all the houses in the area. And my house was already destroyed by... Read more
In This Syrian Refugee Camp, People Just Want to Go Home
In the Bab Al Salameh refugee camp in Syria along the Turkish border, living conditions are terrible in an absolute sense but somewhat better in a relative sense. It’s hot, there is no electricity and getting water is a struggle. And the camp is not safe, by any means. Samera... Read more
One Simple Fact About Syrian Refugees
For all the fearmongering over Syrian refugees, here is one simple but obvious fact — no refugee is happy being one. For the most part, the refugees want to return to their country, the main obstacle being many don’t have one to go back to. “I’m not happy at all... Read more
Inside a School for Syrian Refugees
More than 700,000 children have fled Syria to Turkey. More than 400,000 of them are unable to attend school due to the language barrier, integration issues and financial challenges. “We came because of the bombings and the chemical weapons,” ninth-grade student Abdullah Khatib said. At the Akram... Read more
Syrian Refugee Speaks — Snipers ‘Shot Us Just for Fun’
Sanwa Makrash was walking home with a neighbor when a Syrian regime sniper shot her, hitting her spinal cord. “They shot us just for fun,” Makrash said. “Once, where there were no people around to shoot, they shot cats for fun.” Today, Makrash is 18 years old, lives in... Read more
A Grim Fate for Syrian Christians
Wars fall hardest on the most vulnerable — minority religious and ethnic groups among them. Before the Syrian civil war, an estimated 1.1 million Christians lived in Syria. Around 700,000 have since fled. The Islamic State — and other radical Islamist rebel groups — have burned churches, executed Christians or... Read more
In Just This One Refugee Camp, 40,000 Syrian Children Live in Need
The cost and consequences of war fall heaviest on the most vulnerable — children, the elderly and the disabled. That’s true in every conflict. But in Syria, the biggest difference is the sheer scale of those killed, “disappeared” or displaced. More than eight million children are in need of... Read more
The Long, Slow Betrayal of America’s Interpreters
U.S. Marine Aaron Fleming became fast friends with Sami Kazikhani during his deployment to Nimruz province in 2011. Fleming was a member of a team of advisers mentoring Afghan troops, and Kazikhani was one of their interpreters. The Afghan spoke flawless British-accented English — in no small part due... Read more

Kevin Knodell

Contributing Editor

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