Fleeing a Restricted Zone, Witnesses Describe Turkish Military Brutality
Civilians looking for help filled the small offices of the neighborhood council in Sur, a Kurdish district in Turkey’s volatile southeast. Old women huddled together as officials took names, addresses and requests for assistance. “I come here because I have psychological problems. Look at me,” 28-year-old Yeter Kaya said, pulling down her... Read more
We Went Into the Mountains Where Turkey Bombs the PKK
It was 4.00 a.m. and Nabi Hassan was asleep when the first bomb exploded. The jet engines screaming overhead left no doubt as to what had happened — the Turkish air force was targeting his village. Hassan immediately put his clothes on and ran outside. The house of Ayshe... Read more
Turkey Claims It Will Wipe Out the PKK — Here’s a Million Reasons Why It Can’t
The Turkish government talks tough. “You cannot discourage us from our war on terror,” Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said earlier this month. “Those mountains will be cleared of these terrorists. Whatever it takes, they will be cleared.” Davutoglu was referring to the bombing campaign against the Kurdistan Workers Party,... Read more
Turkish Police Have a Bad Habit of Harassing Journalists
Turkish authorities have arrested three Vice reporters — British citizens Jake Hanrahan and Philip Pendlebury along with their Iraqi fixer. They were in Turkey’s Kurdish region covering violent clashes between Turkish security forces and Kurds in the province of Diyabakır. On Aug. 31, police charged the trio with “engaging in terror activity.” Diyabakır Police... Read more
Turkey’s Bombing Campaign Echoes the 1990s
For years, Turkey has fought an off-and-on war with the Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK. The guerrilla group–based along the Iraqi-Turkish border–carries out raids, and in response, Turkey launches air strikes, artillery bombardments and even the occasional ground invasion. The Kurdish guerrillas use the mountainous border region as a... Read more
Turkish Jets Bombed These Villages
Iraqi-Kurdistan’s mountainous border with Turkey is littered with abandoned villages, under-populated towns and bases for the guerrilla Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK. On July 25, Turkish jets bombed villages and PKK positions after years of relative calm. But during a recent trip by War Is Boring to several villages... Read more
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