Imagine 1940s French Tanks With Soviet-era Howitzers
France built the 14.5-ton AMX-13 tank in the 1940s as a combat vehicle light enough to be air-transportable to support paratroopers. France produced and exported thousands of them, which saw action in several Cold War conflicts. They’re still in service in a handful of countries, mostly in South America.... Read more
130-Year-Old War Scars Heighten Border Dispute Between Chile and Peru
Disagreement over a tiny piece of land known as the triangulo terrestre — or terrestrial triangle — has reopened historical wounds Peru and Chile have spent 132 years trying to heal. On Nov. 7, Peruvian president Ollanta Humala signed into law a bill creating the La Yarada-Los Palos district, which... Read more
Peru’s Maoist Rebels Survive by Selling Drugs and Enslaving People
One of Latin America’s most enduring conflicts is Peru’s war with Shining Path. While mostly destroyed in the 1980s and 1990s, the Sendero Luminoso remains a disturbing example of how an insurgency can survive for decades given the right conditions. Shining Path distinguished itself for its vindictiveness, violence and... Read more

Austin Bodetti


Robert Beckhusen

Managing Editor

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