The Insurgency in Southern Thailand Is a Total Mystery
The insurgency in Southern Thailand remains an enigma to the Thai government, the international community and many analysts and observers. For one, the Malay Muslim rebels have rarely explained or revealed themselves. This makes their goals, ideologies and leaders befuddle the Royal Thai Army and the Royal Thai Police,... Read more
I Went on a Ride-along With Thailand’s Toughest Cops
I was in southern Thailand on a trip to research the government’s low-boil war with Islamist insurgents — and I had a very hard time getting the Royal Thai Police to talk to me. Though the Royal Thai Army has earned the least notoriety and most prestige, the RTP has... Read more
Thailand’s Counter-Insurgents Are Not Winning Hearts and Minds
The Royal Thai Army and the Royal Thai Police have for decades fought rebels in one of Asia’s lesser-known sectarian conflicts. Malay Muslim separatists in southern Thailand, inspired by centuries-old sultanates in the Islamic historical region of Patani, renewed their insurgency against the Thai government in 2004. Since then, the... Read more
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