The Paraguayan War was the Dumbest and Costliest Conflict the Americas Ever Experienced
This story originally appeared on April 19, 2017. The Paraguayan War — sometimes referred to by South Americans as the War of the Triple Alliance or the Great War — pitted the armies of Paraguay against those of Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. It was an incredibly lopsided contest. Paraguay... Read more
Commando-Style Heist in Paraguay Involved 16 Car Bombs
This article originally appeared at InSight Crime. Paraguay’s Ciudad del Este witnessed scenes reminiscent of war as several dozen heavily armed men undertook a sophisticated and lethal heist operation, which authorities have blamed on Brazil’s most powerful crime group. Between 50 and 60 individuals armed with military-grade weapons and... Read more
Paraguay Brings Back Sherman Tanks
Paraguay is putting World War II-era M3 Stuarts and M4 Sherman tanks back into service. The country is thought to have three Sherman medium tanks and up to 14 Stuart light tanks in its inventory. The venerable tanks — which are now over 75 years old — were originally designed to... Read more
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