The U.S. Military Still Wants Psychic Marines and We’ve Got the Manual
After World War II, certain branches of the U.S. military and spy communities developed a curious interest in the occult. As journalists Jon Ronson documented in The Men Who Stare At Goats and Annie Jacobsen recently revealed in Phenomena, the Pentagon has long had an interest in harnessing the supernatural to... Read more
The U.S. Navy Studied How to Turn Fiberglass Into a Ghastly Weapon
American fighter bombers fly over across South Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia dropping bombs filled with tiny fiberglass shards. A few hours later, Viet Cong insurgents — and anyone else unfortunate enough to move into the contaminated areas — begin to develop maddening itches and painful sores. Some go blind from... Read more
The Military’s Abandoned Quest for Smart Underwear
This article originally appeared at Motherboard. Forget the high-tech exoskeletons usually depicted as the future of military wear. To really understand the next-gen potential of warfighter attire, you need to think a layer below the bullet-proof, titanium reinforced camo. You need to think about underwear. Specifically, you need to... Read more
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