Al Qaeda Is Spreading Across West Africa
Côte d’Ivoire has become the latest country in West Africa to suffer a major terror attack. No fewer than 15 civilians and three special forces troops died when six attackers opened fire on the beaches in Grand-Bassam, a seaside town that’s popular with expats. Thirty-three people were wounded. Al... Read more
Nigeria Wants to Double the Size of Its Army
The Nigerian ground forces wants to add 100,000 new officers and enlisted men to its ranks, doubling its size to 200,000 soldiers, Chief of Army Staff Lt. Gen. Yusuf Buratai announced in a lecture at the National Defense College in Abuja. In most countries, this would be kind of a... Read more
Nigeria’s Terrorist Threats Are Bigger Than Boko Haram
If you heard about Nigeria in recent years, chances are that it was in the context of the Boko Haram insurgency that has plunged the northeastern part of the country into mayhem. The Council on Foreign Relations estimates that at least 19,807 people have died in the war. “Boko... Read more
Riding a Horse in Northern Nigeria Might Get You Shot
Riding a horse in Nigeria’s northern state of Borno could result in your violent death at the hands of government troops. The Nigerian army issued the warning as Boko Haram increasingly relies on horses to get around. The radical Islamist group began waging a brutal war with Nigeria in... Read more
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