Women With Guns Helped Win the Nicaraguan Revolution
This story originally appeared on March 26, 2017. The myth of women serving only in auxiliary capacities or holding down the home front during times of conflict has always been highly questionable. History has shown time and again that women have actively participated in combat, to varying degrees in... Read more
Nicaragua at the Barricades
On April 19, 2018, university students in Nicaragua’s capital, Managua, exploded onto the streets. Their initial demand? A more effective government response to wildfires burning out of control in the country’s most precious repository of biodiversity. Soon, a social wildfire took hold in Managua and then spread across the... Read more
Nicaragua Descends Into Absolutism
The bland, bleak cityscape of Managua fails to welcome its visitors. The Nicaraguan government has tried to solve this problem by constructing garish metal trees at landmarks, intersections and roundabouts. Yet, as irony would have it, these artificial plants have come to represent the decadence of president Daniel Ortega. Ortega’s cult... Read more
The CIA’s ‘Freedom Fighter’s Manual’ Is One of the Lamest Comic Books You’ll Never Read
The Central Intelligence Agency’s Freedom Fighter’s Manual has to be one of the most curious works of propaganda the U.S. government has ever published. For one, it’s a comic book. But that’s not the weirdest thing about the Manual. Released during the Contras’ war with the Sandinista government in Nicaragua during... Read more
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