NATO Reenacts Baltic Guerrilla War
Arvids Eriks Bluzmanis, a former border guard, was a Latvian resistance fighter — or Forest Brother — when his unit received word that 200 Soviet soldiers were heading their way. The partisans dug trenches and hid behind trees. As the Soviet troops approached, the guerrilla fighters readied their weapons... Read more
Little Armenia Could Play a Big Role if Russia and Turkey Ever Go to War
It’s no secret that the relationship between Russia and Turkey is dismal, with the countries clashing over their respective roles in the Syrian civil war. Russia backs the Syrian regime. Turkey backs the regime’s opponents. What is less-known is a little country that has huge geopolitical significance and a... Read more
Let’s List NATO’s Many, Many Failings
A recent RAND Corporation report chided the North Atlantic Treaty Organization for being, well, weak. According to the study, Russia could overwhelm member states Estonia and Latvia in just three days. NATO lingered long after the Cold War ended and spent the 1990s searching for a purpose. Lately, a... Read more
Rusia solo necesita tres días para conquistar Estonia y Letonia
La OTAN no tiene ninguna forma de detener una hipotética invasión convencional rusa de Estonia y Letonia salvo la guerra nuclear, según un nuevo estudio de RAND Corporation. Lo cual, propiamente dicho, no resulta sorprendente. Rusia tiene una de las Fuerzas Armadas más poderosas del mundo y cuenta con... Read more
Obama to Reinforce Europe With More Troops, Tanks and Artillery
After a week of escalating tensions, Russian tanks and paratroopers, backed by artillery, helicopter gunships and fixed-wing warplanes, flood across the Estonian and Latvian borders. Despite NATO’s best efforts, Russian forces encircle the capitals of both countries in less than three days. Thankfully this is not reality … at least not yet. It’s... Read more
Russia Needs Three Days to Conquer Estonia and Latvia
NATO has no way of stopping a Russian conventional invasion of Estonia and Latvia short of nuclear war, according to a new RAND Corporation study. That’s not surprising in itself. Russia has one of the world’s most powerful militaries, and can field vast armies compared to the Baltic states... Read more
U.S. Navy Knocks Down Ballistic Missile Over Europe
For the first time ever, the Pentagon has demonstrated its ability to shoot down a ballistic missile in Europe. The test was part of larger event put on by the Martime Theater Missile Defense Forum, or MTMD Forum. On Oct. 20, the U.S. Navy’s Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Ross... Read more
A War Game Was NATO’s First Glimpse Into the Nuclear Abyss
Originally published on April 29, 2015. Throughout the Cold War, the prospect of nuclear war hung over Europe like a recurring nightmare. But in the early years of the Atomic Age, most people only dimly understood the consequences of tactical nuclear war. It wasn’t until nearly a decade into... Read more
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