Facebook Let Myanmar Perpetrate Genocide
During the infamous Rwandan genocide of 1994, radio stations such as Radio Télévision Libre des Mille Collines helped foment—and later, even directed—the violence and atrocities of nationalist militias, filling the airwaves with hateful messages exhorting Hutus to slaughter the Tutsi minority and their allies, whom they labeled as “cockroaches”... Read more
Burma’s Slaughter of the Rohingya Follows a Bloody Pattern
On Oct. 9, 2016 around 400 Rohingya Muslims from an insurgent movement known as Harakan Al Yaqin simultaneous attacked three Burmese Border Guard Police headquarters in Rakhine state. The HaY, which later changed its name to the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army, or ARSA, was poorly armed. Only around 30... Read more
Why Can’t Aung San Suu Kyi End Burma’s Brutal Counterinsurgency?
“They shot and killed my husband and injured other villagers. The soldiers burned down our houses and killed and ate our animals. They also burned our rice barn, destroying 190 tins of rice.” “I saw the military burning the houses and shooting people who were fleeing. When someone came... Read more
I Got Smuggled Into a Rohingya Refugee Camp
The Myanmarese government hopes to prevent the international community from confronting the humanitarian crises of the Rohingya, Myanmar’s most-persecuted Muslim minority. How? By blocking most foreigners from entering concentration, internment and refugee camps in the center of Rakhine State and Rohingya-majority cities in the north. As the country becomes... Read more
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