Some Genius Wants to Build Trump’s Border Wall With Nuclear Waste
April 4, 2017 was the last day for contractors to submit proposals for Pres. Donald Trump’s now infamous border wall. The Department of Homeland Security expected it would receive upward of 400 proposals. These plans, some of which were shared exclusively with the San Diego Union Tribune, ranged from... Read more
Moral Ambiguity and the Mexican Drug War
Can evil deeds be made good by good intention? Sam Quinones’s book Dreamland weaves together several threads of the story of American opiate addiction and forces the reader to confront that question. When Purdue Pharma began heavily marketing OxyContin as a non-addictive solution to chronic pain in the 1990s,... Read more
Vulnerable Mexican Troops Lacked Body Armor
The marines are the best-equipped — and widely considered the most reliable — force within the Mexican military. As cartel violence metastasized, the marines emerged as the go-to force for taking down drug lords with daring helicopter raids. The marines also benefited from a perception that they’re less corruptible.... Read more
Mexico’s Murder Rate Falls–But the Drug War Is Far From Over
Mexico’s homicide rate is dropping, according to a new report (.pdf) published by Mexico’s National Institute of Statistics and Geography. That’s good news, and it’s a sign that the drug war is slowing down after years of bloodshed. The bad news is that the homicide rate is still far... Read more

Robert Beckhusen

Managing Editor

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