The West Sold Tanks to the Middle East, And Now It’s Frustrated
Ten years ago, the United States approved an arms deal supplying 140 M-1A1 main battle tanks to Iraq. Turkey, another Middle East user of Western armor, relies heavily on German-made Leopard tanks. But in recent weeks, both the United States and Germany have expressed growing wariness over how Iraq... Read more
Marruecos se une al selecto club de propietarios de carros de combate M-1 Abrams
Marruecos está a punto de convertirse en nuevo usuario mundial del principal carro de combate estadounidense, el M-1 Abrams. Y Rusia se valió de esta venta como excusa para alardear de sus misiles, y realizar una amenaza velada. En 2012 la agencia estadounidense de cooperación para la defensa y... Read more
Morocco Buys Abrams Tanks, Russia Makes Veiled Threats
Morocco is about to become the world’s newest owner of America’s main battle tank, the M-1 Abrams. And Russia used the sale as an excuse to brag about its missiles … and make a veiled threat. In 2012, the U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency announced plans to sell 200... Read more
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