It Looks Like Russia Gave a Fighter Jet to Libya’s Warlord
On Feb. 24, 2017, photographs taken by Libyan National Army Air Force technicians — and which appeared on social media — revealed that Russia appears to have supplied at least one warplane to forces under the command of Marshal Khalifa Haftar. Haftar’s army, concentrated in eastern Libya and based in Tobruk, is the chief... Read more
Erik Prince’s Mercenaries Are Bombing Libya
On Jan. 11, 2017, Intelligence Online — a professional journal covering the world’s intelligence services — revealed that the pilots of Air Tractor attack planes flying from Al Khadim air base in Libya are private contractors working for Erik Prince, the founder of the company formerly known as Blackwater. War Is Boring’s own... Read more
A New Civil War Could Break Out in Libya
Beginning in December 2016, the Saraya Defend Benghazi — also known as Benghazi Defense Brigade — an Islamist militia group that formed in June 2016 to oppose Gen. Khalifa Haftar’s Tobruk-based Libyan National Army, was involved in the attack on facilities in Libya’s Oil Crescent. The LNA decisively repulsed the attacks. But the... Read more
What’s This Apparent U.S. Army Spy Plane Flying Over Libya?
On April 10, Libyan militants looked up and caught a glimpse of a white spy plane flying over the city of Benghazi. The aircraft’s appearance comes as Washington mulls how best to support Libya’s weak government and fight the terrorists taking advantage of the chaos. The Islamist group Ansar... Read more
These Are the Wars That Will Rage in Africa in 2016
With the exception of Syria, African countries currently get the worst rep when it comes to violence and conflict. Virtually every story coming out of the continent seems to showcase one atrocity or another. This narrative is both true and false. In 2014, Africa experienced more than half of... Read more
Egypt’s Got Plans for Libya
Egypt’s got plans for Libya — to eradicate the Islamists and set it under the firm, autocratic control of a general-turned-hero. If that sounds familiar, that’s because it is. Egypt followed exactly the same model two years ago. In 2013, then-general and defense minister Abdel Fattah El Sisi ousted... Read more
‘My Brother’s Bomber’ Is Investigative Journalism Done Right
A journalist on a personal mission waded through the ruins of the Libyan revolution and helped break open a decades-old terrorist conspiracy. Ken Dornstein was 19 years old in 1988 when Pan Am Flight 103 exploded over the Scottish town of Lockerbie. The blast and resulting crash killed 270... Read more
Michael Bay Released a War Movie Trailer and the Internet Freaked Out
Michael Bay–famed director of the robot beat-em-up franchise Transformers–has made a movie about the tragic destruction of America’s embassy in Libya. It’s called 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi and it stars Jim from The Office. Here’s the trailer. It looks as if director Michael Bay has created... Read more

Matthew Gault

Contributing Editor

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