Yikes — Syrian Rebels Wield Old Aircraft Machine Guns
After years of civil war and with a seemingly endless list of different groups and foreign benefactors, the arsenals of Syria’s rebel and terrorist factions have become diverse and eclectic. Locked in what has become a brutal war of attrition, fighters can’t afford to turn down any weapon …... Read more
Es difícil equivocarse con el fusil automático BAR
A la 1ª Guerra Mundial se la suele denominar “la guerra de las ametralladoras” debido al uso devastador de armas automáticas tales como la ametralladora Maxim. Además fue por aquel entonces cuando se produjeron algunos de los mayores avances en la tecnología de las ametralladoras. En realidad, el fuego... Read more
John Browning’s Automatic Rifle Is a Killing Machine
World War I is often called “the machine gun war” because of the devastating use of automatic weapons such as the Maxim gun. It’s also when some of the drastic developments in machine gun technology occurred. Artillery fire actually killed more men than machine guns, but statistics simply don’t convey... Read more

Paul Richard Huard

Contributing Writer

Military historian, free-lance journalist, and contributor to War Is Boring. Areas of expertise: American military history, the Cold War, Russia and the Soviet Union, military small arms.

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