Ukraine’s Getting American Anti-Tank Missiles
On Dec. 22, 2017 the State Department announced it had issued an export license for lethal military aid to Ukraine — including $47 million for 210 Javelin missiles and 35 shoulder-mounted command launcher units, or CLUs, with which to launch them. The decision has been welcomed by Kiev and elicited... Read more
Obama’s Plan to Arm Taiwan
The Obama administration has informed the U.S. Congress of a proposed $1.8 billion arms package for Taiwan, according to Capitol Hill sources. The arms package — which is more modest than previous such deals — includes a host of weapons that could blunt an amphibious invasion by the People’s... Read more
The U.S. Army Wants to Give Troops a New Super Missile
In more than a decade of fighting Afghanistan, American troops have become painfully aware of how hard it can be to uproot an enemy hiding behind rocks, in buildings or other cover, especially over long distances. Mostly armed with M-16 rifles and M-249 machine guns firing small .223-caliber bullets,... Read more
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