Russia Has a Ton of Problems in Syria — Israeli Air Strikes Are Not One of Them
Israel’s Arrow missile defense system saw its combat debut in March 2017 when it shot down a Syrian S-200 surface-to-air missile, which was fired at Israeli fighter jets. The jets were returning home from an air strike inside Syria, reportedly targeting Syrian military positions in the country’s Homs province.... Read more
Israel Bombed Damascus — And Didn’t Need Stealth Fighters to Do It
Early in the morning on March 17, 2017, the Israeli air force carried out an air strike near Damascus. The Israeli jets hit Mezzeh military airport, an airbase situated southwest of the old center of Damascus, where a local ammunition depot and a few other military installation were reportedly... Read more
Hezbollah May Come Out of the Syrian Civil War Stronger Than Ever
When Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah confirmed in May 2013 that Hezbollah had joined the Syrian Civil War on the side of Pres. Bashar Al Assad’s embattled government, it marked a major political and military shift for the Lebanese Shi’ite militia. For the first time in decades, Hezbollah is now focused... Read more
‘Zero Motivation’ Is a Dark Meditation on Forced Military Service
In Israel, every able-bodied citizen over the age of 18 must join the Israel Defense Forces. Men serve three years and women serve two. Conscription provides manpower to the military and binds the Israeli people through common experience. But not every young man and woman actually wants to join... Read more
Islamic State Threat Brings Israel and Jordan Closer Together
Israel and Jordan have an odd relationship. The two countries fought a war in 1967, made peace in 1994 and now share mutual worry about Islamic State rampaging across the region. For Israel, the stability of Jordan concerns the security of both countries. In Jordan, there’s growing fear that... Read more

Paul Iddon

Contributing writer

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