Mosul necesita 35.000 policías
Con el sonido de fondo de disparos de fusilería en la distancia, un instructor de la policía militar italiana, los Carabinieri, voltea con suma habilidad un fusil para demostrarles a los alumnos que tiene delante cómo se recarga de una forma rápida y eficaz. Los alumnos son miembros de... Read more
Iraq and Syria Team Up to Take on Islamic State
Syrian warplanes carried out a series of strikes on Islamic State targets in Raqqa and along the Syrian-Iraqi frontier earlier in April 2017. Intelligence gathering from a Russian-Iranian-Iraqi and Syrian coalition enabled the aircraft to locate their targets. Formed in September 2015, this coalition has command centers in both... Read more
America’s Emerging ‘Little Sparta’ in the Middle East
During his years fighting for Kurdish autonomy from Baghdad in the 1960s and mid-1970s, Kurdish leader Mustafa Barzani was adamant that his people trust no power other than the United States. In the 1970s his Peshmerga guerrilla forces received covert support from the Americans, Israelis and Iran’s Shah in... Read more
Pacifist Military Trainer: Kurdistan Should Be Like Israel
The future of Iraqi Kurdistan is in flux as the U.S.-led coalition pushes back Islamic State, ending an existential threat to the Kurdish region. Some fear a conflict with Baghdad over territory the Kurds seized during their offensive against ISIS. Others fear further clashes with the Shia militias operating... Read more
Turkey Eyes a Military Incursion Into Iraq
Turkey announced the official end of its Euphrates Shield incursion into Syria as March 2017 came to a close. But Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has already suggested that future Turkish operations will “not a Syrian dimension, also an Iraqi dimension.” “There are the Tal Afar and... Read more
Two Days Inside the Battle for West Mosul
Inside an old hotel on the edge of West Mosul’s Old City, a Federal Police marksman takes aim with his rifle. A small circle of light beaming in from outside the room reflects off his PSL’s telescopic sight onto his eyeball. He concentrates, staring through a small crack between... Read more
In West Mosul, Iraqi Troops With Heavy Weapons Battle ISIS Snipers
The sky above West Mosul is dark and brooding. Heavy rain-laden clouds stretch as far as the eye can see, lending an oppressive air to an already dangerous city. At the entrance to a courtyard, the body of an Islamic State fighter covered in a large piece of red... Read more
Mosul Needs 35,000 Cops
With the sound of small-arms fire popping away at a range in the background, an instructor from Italy’s military police force — the Carabinieri — expertly flips over a rifle to demonstrate a swift and efficient reload to the students in front of him. The students are members of the Kurdish Zeravani, which... Read more
The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad Is Preparing for Iraq’s Mosul Dam to Burst
Iraq’s Mosul Dam lies just outside Islamic State territory fewer than 50 miles from the Syrian border. If the dam fails, hundreds of thousands of people could die or lose their homes in flash floods along the length of the Tigris River. In the face of this potential disaster,... Read more
Secretive U.S. Spy Plane Crashes in Iraq
When Talal Abdulqadir woke up on March 5, he probably didn’t expect his farm in northern Iraq would end up crawling with American troops guarding a crashed aircraft. In an instant, the green field outside the town of Kawrgosk put on full display some of the more shadowy elements... Read more
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