The U.S. Embassy Watched the Indonesian Army Kill 500,000 People
In 1965, the Indonesian Army and allied paramilitary groups killed at least 500,000 people because of their membership in the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI), real and alleged, with the butchery extending to other dissident organizations and ethnic minorities including Chinese. The act of mass murder, one of the worst... Read more
The CIA and KGB Both Tried to Blackmail This World Leader With Sex Tapes
This story originally appeared on Oct. 30, 2016. In 1945, a man known simply by the name Sukarno became Indonesia’s first president after leading an independence movement against Dutch colonial rule. He entered office with overwhelming popular support and was widely regarded as a national hero. He brought with him... Read more
An Islamic Hate Group Stalks the Streets of Jakarta
Shortly before Islamic State terrorists launched a bloody attack in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, on Jan. 14, I was in the city for research. As chance would have it, I decided to conclude my recent trip to Indonesia by looking into an Islamic hate group. The Islamic Defenders... Read more
The War’s Over in Indonesia’s Central Sulawesi — But No One Knows Why
I recently took my first road trip through the mountainous countryside of an Indonesian island. Sulawesi, unlike Aceh, could be a tourist attraction with its beautiful beaches and blue skies. But few tourists travel to Central Sulawesi. My guide and I journeyed from Palu, the provincial capital, to Poso,... Read more
Indonesian Troops Battle the World’s Worst Wildfire
The world has seen a particularly dry year, with record breaking fires around the world — including the United States. But the wildfires burning in Indonesia are possibly this year’s worst environmental disaster. When wildfires rage out of control, they can stretch civil firefighting resources. In a worst case scenario, the military needs to... Read more
Australia’s Failed Bid for the Bomb
At 9:00 in the morning on Oct. 3, 1952, a 25-kiloton nuclear explosion vaporized the retired British frigate HMS Plym off Australia’s remote western coast. The Operation Hurricane detonation in the Monte Bello Islands was a seminal moment for Britain and marked its return to the club of great... Read more

Chris Walsh

Chris Walsh has an academic background in International Relations from the University of Queensland, Australia. His key areas of interest are the Cold War, contemporary military issues and military aviation.

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