Here’s the Evidence Linking Russia to the French Election Hack
As France braces for the second round of its national election, security researchers try to figure out if Russia was really behind the alleged hacking attempts against frontrunner Emmanuel Macron. After months of speculation on whether dreaded Russian hackers would try to meddle with the French elections the same... Read more
France’s Fall Didn’t Make Any Difference to Gun-Maker MAB
Frenchman Léon Barthe established Manufacture d’Armes de Bayonne in 1920. While named in the style of France’s great national arsenals — MAS, MAT and MAC — MAB was actually a private enterprise. Apparently, profit motivated Barthe to keep right on producing pistols even after his country fell to the Nazis.   MAB brought... Read more
Al Qaeda Is Spreading Across West Africa
Côte d’Ivoire has become the latest country in West Africa to suffer a major terror attack. No fewer than 15 civilians and three special forces troops died when six attackers opened fire on the beaches in Grand-Bassam, a seaside town that’s popular with expats. Thirty-three people were wounded. Al... Read more
The MAS-49 Was the Foreign Legion’s Favorite Rifle
In 1957, the French army was hurting. Still reeling from the painful defeat in Indochina and the debacle of the Suez Crisis, France found itself embroiled in counterinsurgency operations in Algeria, battling the Algerian National Liberation Front for control of the country. The French armed forces’ experiences in Indochina... Read more
The MAC 47/1 Submachine Gun Had One Chance to Shine
The Pistolet Mitrailleur des Manufactures d’Armes de Châtellerault Modele 47/1 was one of a number of French compact submachine gun designs that various arsenals and private companies developed during the late 1940s. It was a product of the government arsenal Manufactures d’Armes de Châtellerault, an institution best known for its FM M24/29... Read more
Gunfire, Blood, Panic — A Bataclan Survivor Recalls Paris Nightmare
Guillaume Maurice, a 40-year-old school teacher from Rouen, in northern France, is a self-described “metal head.” So when Eagles of Death Metal, an American rock band, came to the Bataclan theater in north-central Paris, Guillaume and his wife made plans to attend. A few hours later, Guillaume and his... Read more
Why in the World Does Egypt Want French Mini-Carriers?
Egypt’s military junta is going on a shopping spree for weapons. Remember those French amphibious assault ships originally intended for Russia that are now sitting out to dry? Cairo’s generals have their eyes on them, too. The French-built Mistral-class amphibious assault ship, or helicopter carrier, is a formidable vessel. Capable of carrying... Read more
French and U.N. Troops Are Losing the Battle to Save Mali
Imagine your country is a beacon of democracy, when suddenly, it’s overrun by angry rebels and hardcore jihadists. To add insult to injury, elements of the army — after losing control of half the country — stage a haphazard coup and throw your president out of power barely months... Read more
Oui, Commissar! The Soviets Had a Secret Plan to Demoralize the French
Originally published on May 20, 2014. If the Warsaw Pact had invaded Western Europe in 1964, it planned to use a secret weapon to undermine French morale and induce French soldiers to hoist the white flag. A piece of paper. The Red Army’s blitz from Germany to the English... Read more
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