Indonesian Troops Battle the World’s Worst Wildfire
The world has seen a particularly dry year, with record breaking fires around the world — including the United States. But the wildfires burning in Indonesia are possibly this year’s worst environmental disaster. When wildfires rage out of control, they can stretch civil firefighting resources. In a worst case scenario, the military needs to... Read more
The U.S. Government Developed ‘Water Bombs’ After World War II
Aerial tankers dumping water on forest fires is now common practice, but in the early days, engineers tried different kinds of bizarre experiments … including exploding “water bombs.” It’s not a bad idea … in theory. During the 1940s, the U.S. Forest Service teamed up with the U.S. Air Force... Read more
The American West Is Burning
America’s western states are suffering from one of the worst wildfire seasons in history. The military has mobilized to aid firefighters battling the blaze. We wanted to see it for ourselves. War Is Boring’s Kevin Knodell recently linked up with troops from the Washington state Army National Guard near... Read more
America Is at War With Fire
The American West is burning. An unusually hot and dry summer led to widespread drought and turned the forests and plains into kindling. Now massive wildfires rage from California to as far north as Washington state’s Olympic Peninsula near the Canadian border and all the way across to the... Read more

Kevin Knodell

Contributing Editor

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