How to Kill the F-35 Stealth Fighter
The United States has poured tens of billions of dollars into developing fifth-generation stealth fighters such as the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor and F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. However, relatively simple signal processing enhancements, combined with a missile with a large warhead and its own terminal guidance system, could potentially... Read more
The F-35 Is Still Horribly Broken
In its annual budget request, the Pentagon asked Congress to shell out for more F-35 Joint Strike Fighters. Despite delays, cost overruns and a litany of other issues, both the program’s officials and manufacturer Lockheed Martin insist everything is moving along smoothly. Pentagon statements and Lockheed press releases highlight how the troublesome... Read more
Aussie Who Led Weapons Tests Knocks F-35
Australia’s former top weapons tester has warned of serious problems with the country’s $24 billion share of the F-35 stealth fighter program. The ex-official, Keith Joiner, issued the warnings in a Jan. 4 letter to the Australian Senate’s formal inquiry into the Joint Strike Fighter project. Joiner’s biggest criticisms involve the F-35’s repeated delays,... Read more
F-35 Officials Cancel Cyber Test, Prove Why That’s a Terrible Idea
Realistic weapon testing has come under assault yet again. The troubled F-35 recently hit another snag when, as first reported by Politico, the Joint Program Office refused to proceed with the required cyber security tests of the F-35’s massive maintenance computer, tests needed to determine the computer system’s vulnerability to hackers.... Read more
F-35A Stealth Jet Finally Shows Off Gun in Flight
On Oct. 30, U.S. Air Force test pilot Maj. Charles Trickey fired an F-35A’s internal GAU-22 25-millimeter cannon during a test flight for the first time ever. In a video released by Lockheed Martin seen below, Trickey fires a two-second burst from the gun on a prototype known as AF-2.... Read more
Donald Trump Is the Latest Threat to the F-35
As part of his bid to lead the free world, tycoon-turned-presidential candidate Donald Trump is talking to a lot of conservative talk show hosts. On Oct. 22, Trump sat down with Hugh Hewitt. The two talked Benghazi, the budget … and the F-35. “The F-35 is the aircraft of... Read more
The U.S. Air Force Should Buy a Lot More Bombers, Fewer F-35s
The U.S. Air Force has selected Northrop Grumman to build its new Long Range Strike Bomber, but the service is only planning to buy 100 of the stealthy new warplanes. With only 100 aircraft, the Air Force will not be able to replace its entire bomber fleet which consists... Read more
The U.S. Air Force Knows the A-10 Will Beat the F-35
Several weeks ago, the Project on Government Oversight announced its cautious optimism upon learning the Director of Operational Test and Evaluation planned to conduct a close air support fly-off between the proven A-10 and the yet-to-be proved F-35. The cautious aspect of that optimism has been proven to be... Read more
Will Canada Dump the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter?
Earlier this week, Canada’s Conservative Party was swept out of office and replaced by a new Liberal government led by incoming Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The rise of a new government means that Ottawa’s defense and foreign policy posture will change. One immediate casualty could be the Lockheed Martin’s... Read more
U.S. Air Force Requires Airmen to Praise Troubled Stealth Fighter
In an eight-page document marked “not for public release,” the U.S. Air Force commands its airmen to say positive things about Lockheed Martin’s problem-prone F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. “Articulate the capabilities of the aircraft and explain it is a capability warfighters must have (explain why we need the F-35),”... Read more
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