From Pacifist Sheep Farmer to One of Britain’s Greatest Secret Agents
Occupied France, 1944. Francis Cammaerts stepped from a train onto the railway station platform in Avignon. Almost immediately, German security forces at a checkpoint became suspicious and asked for his papers. The son of a Belgian poet and English actress, he was everything you would never expect in a secret agent. Cammaerts had... Read more
No One Made Short-Man Jokes Around Leonard Funk, Jr.
Many veterans say combat will make men do things that they would never dream of doing in normal life. That saying goes double for a five-foot, three-inch, 140-pound U.S. Army soldier from Pennsylvania who was World War II’s most decorated paratrooper. The exploits of 1st Sgt. Leonard Funk, Jr. read... Read more

Paul Richard Huard

Contributing Writer

Military historian, free-lance journalist, and contributor to War Is Boring. Areas of expertise: American military history, the Cold War, Russia and the Soviet Union, military small arms.

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