Congress Never Stopped Producing Pork
In mid-January 2018, the U.S. House Rules Committee held hearings on the idea of bringing back earmarks. While some have been angling for this idea for a while, the immediate prompt was from Pres. Donald Trump’s recent assertion that if earmarks were revived, members of Congress would get along... Read more
War Without War Powers
On Sept. 1, 1970, soon after Pres. Nixon expanded the Vietnam War by invading neighboring Cambodia, Democratic senator George McGovern, a decorated World War II veteran and future presidential candidate, took to the floor of the Senate and said, “Every senator is partly responsible for sending 50,000 young... Read more
Cowards in Congress Are Afraid to Take Responsibility for America’s Wars
In the next few weeks Congress will debate and approve legislation to authorize and appropriate over $1 trillion in national security spending. That debate should include authorization for our current wars. But yet again leadership proved its cowardice when it comes to its constitutional responsibility to declare wars, and... Read more
It’s Time to Strengthen Foreign-Lobbying Law
Foreign influence on U.S. policy has been in the media spotlight a lot recently, from concerns that foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation improperly influenced Hillary Clinton’s decision-making as Secretary of State, to allegations that Pres. Donald Trump’s former national security adviser failed to register as a foreign lobbyist.... Read more
Revolving Door Keeps Spinning with Armed Services Committee Staff
In early May 2017, House Armed Services Committee Chairman Mac Thornberry (R-TX) announced his staff director Bob Simmons was leaving the committee to work for the private sector. Subsequent reporting by Politico and The Hill confirmed he was going to work for Boeing, which received contracts worth $14.6 billion... Read more
Angry Old Man Yells at Generals About Goats
Top U.S. military brass convened on Capitol Hill on March 16 to sit before the House Armed Services Committee. The assorted generals, admirals and secretaries were there to testify about the Fiscal Year 2017 defense budget. The testimony went on for three hours and covered a broad range of... Read more
Congress Could Blow Billions on Obsolete Tactical Nukes
The B61 is an old bomb. It’s the United States’ primary — though obsolete—tactical nuclear weapon. First produced in 1968, the B61 has been in service a decade longer than originally planned. In December, the Senate passed the $557 billion National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2015. For... Read more
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