Bomb-Sniffing Elephants Are Just One Example of Pentagon Waste
From spending $150 million on private villas for a handful of personnel in Afghanistan to blowing $2.7 billion on an air surveillance balloon that doesn’t work, the latest revelations of waste at the Pentagon are just the most recent howlers in a long line of similar stories stretching back... Read more
When Will We Finally Audit the Pentagon?
In 1990, the U.S. Congress passed the Chief Financial Officers Act, which required every federal agency to be auditable. Since then every agency has complied — except for the Department of Defense. Instead, there’s been a saga of audit-readiness plans and billions of dollars spent to upgrade out-of-date financial... Read more
Obama to Reinforce Europe With More Troops, Tanks and Artillery
After a week of escalating tensions, Russian tanks and paratroopers, backed by artillery, helicopter gunships and fixed-wing warplanes, flood across the Estonian and Latvian borders. Despite NATO’s best efforts, Russian forces encircle the capitals of both countries in less than three days. Thankfully this is not reality … at least not yet. It’s... Read more
Ship-Killing Missiles Are the Pentagon’s Big Budget Winner
On its face, the Pentagon’s budget request for the 2017 fiscal year is bad for the Navy — seven billion dollars in cuts, including one fewer warship than planned and the loss of 6,300 sailors. But the Navy will become a much deadlier force … to other ships. It’s because the Pentagon is buying anti-ship... Read more

Robert Beckhusen

Managing Editor

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