The Trucial Oman Scouts Was the British Army’s Last Desert Romance
This story originally appeared on Aug. 30, 2015. For most people, the United Arab Emirates conjures up images of lavish, oil-funded lifestyles, luxury cars and oddly shaped skyscrapers. But fewer than 50 years ago, the country — then known as the Trucial States — was a harsh, undeveloped desert outpost of the British... Read more
New Urban Camo Won’t Save British Tanks
The British Army has painted some of its Challenger 2 tanks in a new camouflage scheme that planners hope will help the 62-ton machines hide on city streets. But the government has withheld other, more important enhancements. The tanks’ blocky, white, gray and brown scheme is actually a throwback... Read more
As Other Countries Build Better Tanks, Britain’s Challenger 2 Falls Behind
The British Challenger 2 tank is becoming obsolete in the face of new threats such as the Russian T-14 Armata. But the United Kingdom is preparing to embark on an upgrade program to keep up with advances in armored warfare. Britain doesn’t have many other options. For one, the Challenger... Read more
Los chavales no confían en este fusil de asalto
Publicado por primera vez el 8 de junio de 2015. El SA80 es el principal fusil de asalto del ejército británico y todo lo que se refiere a él es sencillamente una llamada a gritos a los años “1980”. El servicio de rumores del ejército británico [British Army Rumor... Read more
The Lads Don’t Trust This Assault Rifle
Originally published on June 8, 2015. The SA80 is the British Army’s main assault rifle, and everything about it just screams “1980s.” The British Army Rumor Service — a message board and comedy site — described it as the weaponized version of civil servant, “as it doesn’t work, and can’t be fired.” The... Read more

Paul Richard Huard

Contributing Writer

Military historian, free-lance journalist, and contributor to War Is Boring. Areas of expertise: American military history, the Cold War, Russia and the Soviet Union, military small arms.

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