Rusia solo necesita tres días para conquistar Estonia y Letonia
La OTAN no tiene ninguna forma de detener una hipotética invasión convencional rusa de Estonia y Letonia salvo la guerra nuclear, según un nuevo estudio de RAND Corporation. Lo cual, propiamente dicho, no resulta sorprendente. Rusia tiene una de las Fuerzas Armadas más poderosas del mundo y cuenta con... Read more
Russia Needs Three Days to Conquer Estonia and Latvia
NATO has no way of stopping a Russian conventional invasion of Estonia and Latvia short of nuclear war, according to a new RAND Corporation study. That’s not surprising in itself. Russia has one of the world’s most powerful militaries, and can field vast armies compared to the Baltic states... Read more
The Pentagon Sends Predators to Latvia
Predator drones will soon be in the skies over Latvia. Airmen from the Texas Air National Guard will fly patrols and train with NATO allies as part of the Pentagon’s European Reassurance Initiative, or ERI. With Russia continuing to covertly support rebels in eastern Ukraine, several NATO members are concerned... Read more
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